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Bamboo Pajamas

We're surprised about the benefits of bamboo viscose fabric. Below are some benefits that bamboo viscose clothing provides.

Friendly to environment

Bamboo is the fastest thriving plant in the world, it grows naturally without any pesticides to protect it. And bamboo can not only release a significant amount of oxygen into the air, but also it can reduce carbon dioxide into the air.

Better for your Skin

Bamboo viscose fabric is extremely absorbent and breathable, it will wick excess moisture away which is better than polyester and cotton fabric. With less moisture, bacteria can’t grow easily, then your skin will be much healthier.

Temperature regulating

Bamboo viscose clothing is breathable and thermal regulating. It can wick moisture away, this will eliminate humidity in your clothing. In extreme temperature, humidity isn’t friendly. By reducing it, you will feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Feathery soft and comfortable

Bamboo viscose fabric is smooth, luxuriously soft and durable. Feel like a second skin, while wearing bamboo viscose clothing, it is close to wearing nothing with the incredibly softness.

Bamboo Pajamas

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