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About Latuza

latuza storyOur story began with a vision: Create a better line of wardrobe essentials, including sleepwear, loungewear, basics, that would also be better for the planet. In learning of the nearly-miraculous properties of bamboo viscose, we knew our search for the perfect fabric was over. And in 2016, our vision became reality when our feathery-soft, supremely comfortable pajamas launched on Amazon to rave reviews, earning us legions of loyal fans.

What makes bamboo viscose so special? It’s temperature-regulating properties keep you feeling cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. It’s breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, and yet feels luxuriously soft and comforting to even the most sensitive skin. With this moisture-wicking miracle you’ll say goodbye to night sweats, sleep better and wake up feeling fresher than ever.  

But our soft and cozy fabric isn’t just skin-friendly, it’s eco-friendly too. Nature’s most rapidly regenerating plant, bamboo requires very little water, no pesticides, and absorbs five times more carbon dioxide while returning 35% more oxygen than similar plants. It’s a sustainable, renewable resource for healthier soil and cleaner air.

After more than three years and thousands of 4.5 star ratings, today, our line of high-quality, eco-friendly wardrobe essentials expands far beyond our renowned sleepwear. From incredibly comfy yet flattering tops, to our go-anywhere joggers, capris and more, it’s sustainable comfort you’ll want to live in.

Better for you. Better for the planet.