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About Latuza

latuza storyOur story begins in early 2016. Based on our team's years of experience in the apparel industry and the opening of the Amazon marketplace, we started our business on as a seller in mid-2016.

In the beginning, we chose the category of pajamas and the fabric of bamboo viscose. Today, we can easily find latuza on, and most importantly, Latuza already has a large number of loyal fans. They wrote a lot of reviews, some of them were negative reviews, but overall, we got 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. We are proud of it.

After we got thousands of reviews, we read them, we read all the reviews and feedback, we read them one by one. First of all, we are very happy and happy. Why? In these reviews, a large number of customers expressed their joy, they used these words, including comfortable, soft, love, like, excellent, good, and so on.


When we calm down, we decided to expand the category from pajamas to other categories, including tops, bottoms, and more. Why not? We like these words. We like these words too much.

In the end, we set the vision of latuza: we want to Make Apparel Essentials Better. How to do it? Thanks to the large number of customer reviews on those online shopping websites, we will read them, and then we will choose the most suitable fabric, we will continue to study the size.


One Model by One Model to Make Apparel Essentials Better.