What is LOVE - Are Pajamas a Good Gift

You know, pajamas are often used as gifts, for birthday, for Mother‘s Day, for Father's Day, for Valentine's Day, for Christmas, for wedding anniversary, and so on. By reading thousands of latuza product reviews, we were very happy to find that many husbands gave our pajamas to their wives as gifts. The thing that makes us feel even more amazing is that we discovered what love is from these comments.

To make a long story short, let ’s read the following Verified Purchase Reviews to see how these wives are loved by their husbands.


Happe wife!

Due to a stroke, my wife suffers from dementia. It can be challenging to keep her happy, but on a hunch, I decided to pick up a pair of these pajamas to brighten her day. They immediately became her favorites. So much so, that she is elated every time they are laundered and ready to wear again. So I bought another pair. Now, at three pairs later, she is still excited for pajama time every night. These are well made "jammies" that have brought a little bit of sunshine to a sad situation. Thank you for making my wife smile!

by Don B. on October 10, 2018



So soft and light. My wife loves them. She says they feel like she is not wearing anything. Great colors. Size was right. Very worthy purchase.

by Chris, on June 20, 2019


Super Comfy Pajamas

In the words of my wife. "These are fantastic, super comfy, I could live in them" !!!
I got these for my wife 3 months ago (she wouldn't let me post a pic of her in them LOL). They were a birthday present, she works from home when she not running a seminar in suits and high heels. So being able to enjoy her sleep in them and then lounge around comfy while doing business calls and internet meetings has been a joy for her. You would think she didn't have any other clothes for the amount of time I see her in these.
* Super comfy stretchy soft material (good for cuddling)
* 3months of constant wear (and I mean constant lol) they still look and feel just like new
* Totally worth it and value for money (I'm getting her more for Christmas so don't ruin the surprise anyone!): D
* The seams are all overlocked creating soft wear (no uncomfortable ridges for the delicate sleeper)
* The elastic hem is comfortable and secure.

by Ginni, on August 24, 2019


Goodbye night sweats!

My wife loves these pajamas and just ordered 2 more. After months of waking up in the middle of the night to dry off because of night sweats she no longer has that problem. These pajamas are very soft and comfortable. She is 5'4 and 130 pds and got a medium. The bottoms are baggy but she liked how the top fit so she ordered more mediums. If you have problems with getting too warm at night please give these a try.

by Amazon Customer, on January 9, 2020


Wife loves them

I bought these pajamas for my wife. They are her favorite pajamas, incredibly soft, and I plan on purchasing more!

by C Kollar, on October 2, 2019


Great buy

This set is great. Looks super on my wife. She says they're very comfortable and don't get bunched up during the night. Oh, and did I say she looks great? Yep, indeed!

by FL Vol, on July 6, 2017


So soft. So comfortable

Wife absolutely loves these pajamas, and literally asked me to procure a dozen more sets.

by Brewer Ben, on August 14, 2018


My wift loves it!

I ordered this for my wife and she absolutely loves it. Nice material, a perfect fit, and kinda sexy, too!

by Veganman, on October 15, 2017



Got this particular pair for my wife for Christmas as she had two others in different colors. The colors are vibrant and stay (even after multiple washes) and she still seems really happy with them. They are her go to PJs for sleeping.

by Drakelb, on January 6, 2020



My wife adores these. She says that they are some of the most comfortable pajamas she's ever had.

by ThatDude, on September 29, 2019


Super soft and comfy

I bought these as a second pair for my wife. She got her first pair for Christmas and needed another ASAP. As she says it, One to wash and one to wear. She loves them that much. I am sure when she gets sick of doing laundry every other day we'll be buying another color. Super soft and comfy!

by Mike, on January 4, 2018


So nice we had to buy them twice!!

These were a holiday gift for my wife and she loves them wearing almost every night!

They are so nice I had to buy them twice!!

by Chaz4694, on January 12, 2020


What is love?

The gift is love.

What is a good gift?

Our pajamas are a good gift.


What a wonderful gift!

What a beautiful love!